What is the difference between 3D and 5D?

I have gotten a number of people ask me the question, “what exactly is 5D?” Here is what I know. 5D was patented by a gentleman who had involvement with making one of the newer Ultrasound machines on the market and saw how cool it made fetal imaging. He thought it was much different looking and a lot better quality than the standard 3D, so he wanted it to be called something else. Most people in the ultrasound world know the latest technology as High Definition (HD) or Fetal Realistic View (FRV). However, because most of the general population knows it as 5D, I don’t think that verbiage will go anywhere. It is simply the advancement in technology allowing the sonographer to utilize different lighting, shadowing and enhancements within the machine to increase the clarity and quality of the image to make it appear more “real”. Sioux City now has its first and only location for 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D/HD/FRV ultrasound viewing of your baby, at any time during your pregnancy. It is truly magnificent. This picture I have posted here is of an 8-week fetus at the bottom. The circle in the middle of the image that appears as a boob/nipple is actually the yolk sac that is keeping this baby growing until the placenta takes over. I mean how incredible?! This image is in 5D/HD/FRV. Notice how there is different lighting, shadowing, etc within the image. This is the newest technology that only certain ultrasound machines offer, and I am happy to provide the best of the best to Siouxland with the new Mindray Imagyn i9! The machine is incredible and truly takes images of your baby like never seen before. Stop in today to check out our services on the latest 3D ultrasound machine 🙂